POPSUGAR Must Have Box for January

Guys ---- I have to tell you... I've been on and off getting POPSUGAR Boxes for a while now... and I haven't felt this excited for one in a long time!!!

January's theme is all about self-care and rejuvenation and I'm totally digging this, esp with the start of the new year! This box had a good mix of things to "take care" of yourself. I honestly think I will use every single thing in this box!

Here is what was inside:

First up is the rxbar in Chocolate Sea Salt. I've tried these before and they are a great post workout snack. I wasn't a huge fan of these when I had them last, but I have yet to try this flavor! Will definitely be try this when I need a little pick me up! || Retail: 1.99

Next is the Ban.do Best Year Ever Wall Calendar. This has super cute photos geared toward every month and if you don't have a wall calendar .. now you do! ban.do always has the CUTEST stuff and this doesn't disappoint! :) || Retail: $20

The next two items are this adorable KeepCup which holds 16oz. It's made of a clear BPA and BPS free pastic and is a eco friendly lightweight reusable coffee cup. It's just so darn cute - I can't wait to use it! Also, there are Nuun Vitamins in Strawberry Melon flavor. These are those tablets that you have with water! They smell delicious, but have yet to try! || Retail: KeepCup - $19, Nuun - $7 

Already wore this next one because WHO DOESN'T LOVE POMPOM HATS!? This is by Hat Attack and is such a perfect winter staple. || Retail: $44

Lastly, I was most excited about this Farmacy Beauty Honey Drop Moisturizer! I've heard SO many good things about Farmacy, so I was excited to finally get my hands on some. The packaging is SO darn luxurious with a magnetic spatula (what?!). Can't wait to try this out - especially since it has hyaluronic acid and honey! 

At 39.99, this subscription box can't be beat! And you can receive $5 off your first box with the code SHOP5. Will you be picking it up? Are there any must have subscription boxes you love?



Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer Review

You guys knowww... I'm the ultimate concealer junkie - so when I Heard about the UD all nighter.. you knew I was all about that life! It claims to be a full coverage waterproof concealer that provides flawless matte coverage... for 24 hours!! It comes in 14 shades varying from fair warm to extra deep neutral.

Here are swatches of my personal shade that I use on my face which is in Medium Light Warm :)

Blended out with finger

Below are my thoughts:

Packaging: I love how pretty it is! It's really a stunning package that looks extremely luxurious. It's a pretty compact product so the doefoot can get to really precise areas. If you are trying to cover a bigger area, you will need multiple dips.

Texture: The product is what it says - it is extremely matte. If you have dry under eyes - DEFINITELY use an eye cream prior to using this. This product also dries down relatively quickly. I usually spot my whole face then blend out... in this case, I would do section by section. Although its blendable, its not like other concealer formulas. It is super concentrated in the spot that you placed your concealer and then you can blend in that area pretty effortlessly... it isn't quite as mobile as non matte concealers which I like (meaning it wont budge!)

Color: The color range is great - from very fair to deep with warm, cool and neutral tones. The pigmentation is also so fabulous! Covers even the darkest of blemishes and dark circles without the need of a corrector underneath. Something I did notice was that it oxidized on my face, so my under eye concealer ended up to be deeper than I would've liked. I ended up using a lighter concealer for under my eyes. Below is what it looks like under one eye LOL... doesn't it look like i dont even have bags!?

Lasting Ability: Let's be honest - I wasn't gonna try to see if it would last 24hrs.. however on a work day I am up with makeup on by 6:10am and I didn't get home one night until 11pm.. so that's pretty long! It definitely lasted until then! I had one side with setting powder and the other side without.. and both sides lasted really well! The side with setting powder did slightly crease. One thing I noticed that was awesome was that the concealer didn't seem to get greasy as my night went on (which is what usually happens to my face!)

Cost: The price point, although seems pretty standard at $29, there is only .12oz of product which is about a half of regular concealer prices. Therefore you are paying more money for the product you are getting, however I do feel like I need to use less than other concealers because of the extreme pigmentation of it.

Overall, if you have normal to oily skin - you would probably love this product. Although the cost is much higher than most, a little bit really goes a long way! (like I use about 1/3 of the amount I use with the shape tape) If you are thinking of purchasing, I would have to say - definitely try this out in store to see how the color wears first to see how it oxidizes or changes on your skin before purchase to make sure you have the correct color!

You can purchase this product at ulta, sephora, or urban decay :)

What do you think, will you be picking it up!?!?!?

*PR Sample

Jouer Cosmetics Blush Bouquet Palette Swatches

Today is the day!!!! ... lol that the Jouer Blush Bouquet Palette came out! Jouer Cosmetics just launched 3 dual blush palettes and OH MY, they are gorgeous! Christina, the founder of Jouer made these into dual palettes because she said... when someone blushes, no one just blushes ONE color - they always have a little bit more rosiness around the apples of your cheek, and then it gets lighter as you go toward the sides of your face... thus, she made these gorgeous duos! Each has a matte deeper color with an accompanying shimmer shade.

These come in three palettes:
Coquette: Seduce Me [matte cool berry pink] and Tease Me [satin cool light pink]
Adore: Adore Me [matte warm dusty peach] and Hold Me [shimmering warm pale nude peach]
Flirt: Kiss Me [matte warm carnation pink] and Touch Me [shimmering warm light peach]

Below are the swatches:



I was only really able to swatch these for you and test these for a day but here are my overall impressions. As I wear them more, I will update this post.

Packaging: Um... this is BY FAR Jouer's best packaging yet!!! It's SO GOOD. It's high quality, luxe, feels very sturdy and is gorgeous. This is my color palette for life -- lol! It's pale pink with gorgeous gold floral detailing.

Application + Texture: I wanted to apply it the way Christina applied it -- where she mixed both shades and put it on her cheekbones for a beautiful wash of color and then put the deeper matte shade on the apples of the cheek. It looked SO natural, like I was glowing from within and each palette was incredibly smooth and silky to apply. They blended out easily with no streaks.

Color: The color is super natural, but is very buildable. As you can see - I could get a relatively deep shade of pink... showing me that this could work for a variety of skin tones. The only one that I feel like is for lighter skin ones is Adore since the peach color is harder to build into a deeper shade.

Wear: I can't comment too much on the wear, so I will have to update this later.. however, the one time I put it on, I had a full face of makeup. It lasted throughout the whole day, no problem (6 hours). I'm interested to see how it lasts on my usual makeup routine where I don't normally put on foundation.

Price: These retail for $30 each and you get 11g of product. I think although it's a bit pricy, you definitely get your bang for your buck. A little bit goes a long way!

Overall, these gorgeous thangs are worth checking out if you're due for a new blush palette! These are available online at Jouer!

*pr sample

A little giveaway for you... :D

Jan 21, 2018 | | 0 comments
To celebrate making new videos again -- I wanted to give ya a little giveaway to thank all of you that stuck around. You are all amazing!

All you need to enter is to be subscribed to my youtube channel and comment on the "husband does my makeup look" video! THATS IT! :)

For a bonus entry - comment in this blog :) :)

There are two winners!
Each winner will win a smashbox trio and a flower lippie.

This will end 1/26 Best of luck!! XO

iphone x giveaway!

Jan 18, 2018 | | 0 comments
HIII! So this is my first time doing this - but I thought it would be fun!! I teamed up with some of my blogger and youtube friends to giveaway an iPhone X! (wait, can i enter myself? LOL) All the info is in the link below :)  The winner will be announced by 2/18 :D Good luck! XOXO a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fenty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick Review

Happy New Year, loves! I'm back on here to share with you some Fenty lippies I just recently purchased. I didn't fall into the Fenty hype and didn't buy any products from their line... but then they came out with these plush matte lippies and I knew I had to pick some up! :P

I picked up two of them in Shawty (warm chestnut) and Spanked (dusty rose). This lipstick claims to be long-wearing, a petal-soft matte finish, weightless with intense color pay off. 

Below are the swatches:

L-R: Shawty, Spanked



 Alright - and here is my breakdown!

Packaging: The packaging is as lightweight as the product itself LOL! Although it looks incredibly cool and chic, the package is made of light plastic, making the product feel a bit cheap. However, the price point isn't as high, so maybe Rihanna did it to save on costs.

Pricing: The pricing is $18 for .06oz of product, which I believe is relatively little product. An UD Vice lipstick (pretty standard bullet) is .11oz at $17. That's almost double the amount of product for less cost. :T

Formula: The formula is pretty nice. Yes - it is incredibly lightweight and pigmented. It was also very creamy and comfortable on the lips. It is not transfer proof, so you touch ur lips, the product will begin to come off. It was relatively long wearing, but I felt that as the night progressed, the product became more dry on my lips. I mean... my lips in themselves are very dry - but I definitely felt like my dry "hang lips" started to become way more noticeable as the night went on. . . for sure on the darker color. Spanked didn't cause as much of a problem for me! The product however, did not feather and did stay put!

Application Process: This was kinda tricky for me. Because of the nature of the matte product and how pigmented it is, it's hard to get a very perfect application. It's extremely round, so trying to get a nice application on my cupids bow and pulling it down to the side, I felt like I was constantly messing up my lipstick.

Color Range:  I do also love the very unique color range - although I pick colors that are more in my comfort zone, I do find that it does really compliment my complexion as it will many other people.

Overall, it was an okay product for me! It is definitely a bit more of a luxury than it is a necessity. I would choose these lippies solely for the color range. The formula, although very nice - doesn't particularly stand out for the price that you're paying. If you do end up purchasing - don't get me wrong - it is a great product, but if you have dry lips, be prepared to exfoliate and moisturize first :)

Men's Gift Guide

Ok -- for that someone special in your life? or just that guy's guy... and you're really struggling to get him a good gift. (Literally happens to me EVERY YEAR.)

So besides the "unisex" gift, or the typical tie, tools and techie gifts, here are a couple of gifts that I thought might be worth getting your loved ones!

1) Dollar Shave Club - I always recommend this because ANYTIME I've gifted this to my guy, my family members, they've LOVED it. I'm not even kidding - I received a Dollar Shave Club set and when Fel opened it, he was like YES!!!! And took it! It's only $5 for the first month, and then $9 per month (or less depending on the blade) after that and it comes with an amazing razor (6 blade) with extra replacement blades plus a bunch of other fun travel. Then after that, they will send you replacement blades for the price that you choose! It's so convenient especially if you have a guy that needs to shave but doesn't want to break bank or doesn't want to go to the store to pick some up!

2) Schmidt's Natural Deodorant and Soap - I think this is definitely an unconventional item to gift, but I really think it's worth gifting! My hubs never actually thinks to go to the store to pick up deodorant, he just realizes like oh shoot, I need to get some, then will scrounge to go pick some up. These deodorants are all natural, neutralize odors and get rid of your damp pits. I don't swear by any deodorants, but these.. are really legit! Definitely the best all natural ones I've found! I love that it comes in sensitive, and varying scents for women and men!

3) Dash Cam - If your man is a driver and he is always b*tching and moaning about how terrible everyone drives (I don't think there is any man that is not like that lol), a dash cam may be a great gift to give your loved one. These have been growing popularity to be safe on the road just incase, God forbid, something may happen!

4) Swiss Army Knife - I only really added this because I realized even though my husband isn't necessarily the DIY Handy Man, there's something about him that likes to be able to save the day and be a Man's Man. (LOL) There have been so many times when we're out in the store and I'm like crap, this tag is bothering me, or shoot - i just got a hang nail or UGH I have something in my teeth... where my husband will all of a sudden save the day with his swiss army knife scissors, nail clipper and tooth pick ha ha!

 Are there any other things that I'm missing?! Let me know what you'll be getting for your loved ones! :)

Unisex Gift Ideas

Dec 3, 2017 | | 0 comments
I was trying to figure out the best way to do gift guides for you this year, but figured this would be the best way to do it without completely overwhelming one post. I will have different gift ideas for different groups of people so you can see who your special someone falls under! :)

These two gifts I want to share are really great gifts for a range of people that you may be super close to or maybe not so close to!

1 - What Do You Meme? Game -- I thought this was a HILARIOUS game. Especially for those friends that are obsessed with memes! I'm personally not huge fan of playing games, but I LOVED playing this one! If you have ever played apples to apples, its a very similar game, except with a meme! You know what I would LOVE -- if they eventually had an electronic version with actual memes - I think that would be SICK!

I played with some of my coworker girlfriends at a little get together and we had a blast! This is definitely a great gift for someone you like to laugh and have a good time with. . . the one thing is it has some mature responses, so it wouldn't be great around kids ;P

2 - Gilt City Gift -- I always have difficulty buying gifts for my closest people. And I've really loved the idea of getting my loved ones an experience rather than a gift. Gilt City has awesome experiences in a city near you at discounted prices... whether its getting a spa service with your loved ones, sharing a meal at a new restaurant or going to a sports game together, it's packed with awesome gift ideas!

Any time I've ever gotten a gilt city experience as a gift, I never wanted to just give them the printed voucher because I think that looks tacky :P So I might get a small gift related to the GC gift and then a "coupon." For example, if I got a sports game, I might order a jersey or tshirt with the team logo and then make a coupon that says "Sport Game 2/22" or I might get essential oils/massage oils and make a card that said "Couples Massage for 1/23" -- you get what I'm saying! This way, they won't need to know you're saving some bucks on your extremely thoughtful gift :D

PS. Sorry I left you all for a couple months - posts are rollin out more quickly now! The start of the school year was really stressful for me, but things are starting to calm down and I'm ready to get back into it!

PPS. Thinking of doing a 12 days of christmas giveaway with you guys because I want to thank you for sticking with me! XO


Naked Heat Palette Review and Swatches

Jul 30, 2017 | | 0 comments
Hey all, I've been testing up the new Naked Heat Palette and I've been loving it so much in these summer months! Wanted to share some swatches and my thoughts on the palette!

Below are the swatches of the palette:
Left side from top to bottom: Ounce, Chaser, Sauced, Low Blow, Lumbre, He Devil
Right side from top to bottom: Dirty Talk, Scorched, Cayenne, En Fuego, Ashes, Ember

Here are my thoughts:

Formula: Like most UD formulas they are extremely buttery and silky. 7 of the 12 shades are matte shades, which are all extremely pigmented and the rest are shimmer - only one of those shimmer as larger flecks of glitter. All of the shades, regardless of matte or shimmer have great pigmentation and are long lasting.

Shade Range: Although I get it is a heat palette - almost all of these shades fall into the orange, warm, burnt colors. we only have two very pale cream colors and a deep purplish color that are not from that color family. I do wish there was some sort of black shade or a gold shade. I do find myself loving this palette, but reaching for other palettes to use other shades to compliment these. I know that this is also because of my personal skintone and how it doesn't work 100% well with only warm colors!

Lasting ability: Lasted throughout the day no problem - sometimes I don't even use primer. LOL! still lasts :P

Packaging: Their packaging is very similar if not identical to the Naked Smokey Palette. It's a very rectangular (sharp edges, not rounded) shape made of plastic. It has a large mirror and has a dual ended brush that is of AMAZING quality. That would make this palette a great travel one!

Overall, I really love this palette. I think if you love this color family - this will definitely not disappoint. As an asian american with slightly cooler tones in the cooler months (lol), I know I will not be reaching for this in the cooler weather - but I am enjoying this palette and mixing with other shadows (I love adding half baked into this mix!) right now in the summer weather!

You can pick this up for $54 at Sephora, Ulta, Urban Decay, or other retailers that sell UD :)


Too Faced Melted Latex Swatches

Jul 26, 2017 | | 0 comments
I am LOVING these toofaced melted latex lipsticks! My bestie.. she didn't like them one bit... so this is a product... where you will either LOVE IT. or HATE IT. so I'm gonna give you my thoughts and swatches below! :) :) 


Hopeless Romantic 

Safe Word

Love U, Mean It 

Rated R

Love You Long Time

But First, Lipstick

Hot Mess

I'm Bossy

Twilight Zone

Bye, Felicia

Strange Love

Bite Me

Can't Touch This

Girl On Top 

Packaging: It's the same luxe package as the Too Faced Melted Matte line, and I'm LOVING it. It's fancy, chic and has a curved doefoot which allows just enough product to be dispensed. 

Moisture: I think these are INCREDIBLY moisturizing. It's like putting a thick arse layer of something to really protect your lips. 

Formula: The formula is definitely way thick. If you do not like the thick, near tacky feeling, you will NOT like this. However, I enjoy it and it isn't quite as sticky as other thick lippies, but you can definitely feel it! It also lasts very long - because of this heavy formula, it lasts a good 3-4 hours before it starts to wear. This does also transfer easily like a gloss. Yes - if you get hair near ur mouth or dust (like from a shirt or something) it WILL cling well to your lips, so be warned! LOL

Streakiness: I had to add in a category - lol to note that although most are really beautiful, two in particular - Can't Touch This and Bye Felicia were particularly difficult to apply. They tend to have splotchiness and patches that I couldn't get rid of. The only way to do so was to goop more on. Not sure if it was just me or not though! 

Pigmentation: IS AMAZING. 

Overall I REALLY love these. I think I will particularly love these in the wintertime when I'm cold and chapped. It does take a certain person to love this - so if you don't love thick, glossy lips - this may not be for you... however if you are.. EMBRACE! this is amazing! 

These were sent to me by PR, but you can purchase on sephora, toofaced, or ulta at $21 per lippie! 

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